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Milk Producers' Union Limited

The Bhagirathi Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd., was established in the year 1974, under the “Operation Flood Programme” as a Cooperative Society and is registered under West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act and Rules. The main objectives of Bhagirathi Milk Union is bringing about socio-economic transformation of the rural masses through organizing Dairy Cooperative Societies in the district of Murshidabad. Over a period of 44 years, the Bhagirathi Milk Union has been able to infuse a new life in the cooperative movement of the West Bengal, ensuring democratic functioning of the cooperatives such as members’ involvement in decision making process, to promote thrift, self help and mutual aid, involving womenfolk and also to provide for transparent, devoted and efficient management and services relevant to the needs of the cooperatives.The operational area of the Union is entire Murshidabad district which covers 26 blocks.


100 % Pure & Fresh
We deliver fresh & adulteration free milk directly from the co-operatives to retain its nutritional values.
At Bhagirathi quality is a way of life, be it massive collection, processing & distribution network, the highest levels of hygiene is maintained.

We Bring You
The Best

Healthy and Nutritious
At Bhagirathi our consumer’s health & nutrition is our priority. Backed with the goodness of essential nutrients, which is very essential for body growth.
Organic Brilliance
Bhagirathi products are made with sheer brilliance from farm fresh milk, retaining its nutritional values, rich flavor & taste.

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NOTICE INVITING OFFLINE TENDER for Procurement of HDPE Plastic Milk Pouch Crate.
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NOTICE INVITING OFFLINE TENDER (TWO COVER SYSTEM) for Procurement of Suiting, Shirting & Saree.
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NOTICE INVITING OFFLINE TENDER (TWO COVER SYSTEM) for Re-Tender for Procurement of Cream Separator Machine at Kandi Chilling Plant.
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NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER for Hiring Refrigerated Container Vehicles Vide Tender ID : 2021_BCMPU_342753_1
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NOTICE INVITING OFFLINE TENDER (TWO COVER SYSTEM) for Fabrication and Repairing work of Electrode plate of ETP at Feeder Dairy.
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