Product Details

Product Name Sour Curd
M.R.P 200gm- INR 16.00, 400gm- INR 30.00, 1kg-INR 65.00
Packing Available in 200gm, 400gm and 1Kg poly pack

Product Specifications

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information per 100g (approx. values)
Energy, kcal 62.0 Phosphorsus, mg 158
Energy from Fat, kcal 28.0 Sodium, mg 61.0
Total Fat, g 3.1 Thiamine, mcg 51.5
Saturated Fat, g 1.9 Riboflavin, mcg 146
Cholesterol, mg 8.0 Niacin, mcg 122
Total Carbohydrate, g 4.4 Folic Acid, mcg 9.2
Protein, g 4.1 Vit. A (Retinol), mcg 65.0
Calcium, mg 183.0 Added Sugar Nil
Shelf Life 48 Hours from the date of packing if kept under refrigeration below 8°C
Storage Condition Under Refrigeration (Below 8°C)

Product Features

Health Benefits

Curd is used in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery because curd absorbs water from the intestine and acts as a stool binder. It aids digestion, so enhances appetite. Curd is good for digestive system, immune system, osteoporosis, stomach problems and vaginal infection. It also strengthens our bones and teeth because of high calcium content. One should not use curd regularly as it increases body fat and may cause obesity and weight. When curd didn’t set properly or didn’t coagulate, avoid it,  may cause psoriasis, herpes, bleeding in hemorrhoids.  Curd prevents jaundice and premature age.